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250+ Hours of Content spanned across 9 Tracks

The theme of GFF 2023 highlights the critical need for global collaboration to build a financial ecosystem that is inclusive, resilient, and sustainable. Our vision is to create a future where growth is not only more equitable but also “resilient by design” that needs financial industry to be re-engineered to recover quickly from black-swan events.

Plenary Stage


Policy Markers, Central Bankers from India and from Key Countries to come on a Single platform to deliberate / comment on fintech policy globally.​ These sessions would determine the direction and growth of fintech in India and in various other regions of the world.​

Impact Sessions

Motivational Speakers are set to inspire you with their inspirational discourse that impacts your day-to-day Financial Decisioning and handling of people and teams. A simple word with great meaning!


Keynotes from Unicorn Founders from Across the Globe, CXOs of Large Financial Institutions and Global Agencies to put their thoughts on Sustainability, Innovation, and Growth


Global Sessions focused on Regional Economies and their impact on people’s life. Global Agencies Financial Institutions discuss the way forward for a Global Collaboration​

Business Stage


Stories of success, resilience, and conviction. Common young college kids dream big and eventually make their marks. These Intriguing sessions are a “Must See”


Key Strategies and growth drivers that will create new channels of growth. Accessible to the lowest in the value chain. These trend-setting discussions will focus on Inclusive Growth​


Panels centered around Growth, Scalability, and Solutions will bring in disruption in the next 5 years. Young Entrepreneurs discuss the same on the Stage.​

Investor Stage

Investor Outlook​

Large Funds to Angel Investors are micro-analyzing business models today to determine the right investments to find young and innovative businesses, as well as seasoned professionals and experts with a proven ability to develop and grow a business. Listen from the horse’s mouth to what are they looking for!​

Looking Beyond

Trends and unconventional disruptive models which can change the future Fintech ecosystem, Emerging Technologies – quantum, web3, and advanced connectivity are all affecting our world how and Investments are driving the adoption of these Technologies. ​


Regional Market discussion sessions. Meet the investors keenly looking at your markets, from Nepal to Singapore, Japan to Spain. GFF will cover all the markets. Creating Bridges. Find your opportunities here​.

Talent Hub

Master Classes​

Expect to have top-class Academia at the GFF. Renowned Professors from Universities across the Globe, talking about key topics. This Room is going to be a pack of Knowledge that any inquisitive student would love to attend.​

AMA Sessions​

Targeted at young minds, find answers to your queries from Industry Experts.​ These highly interactive sessions would cover technology and Business. ​

Fintech Discourse​

Focused Classroom session Conversations from Former CEOs, CxO, and Bureaucrats Bankers on subjects that normally do not appear in Textbooks.​ Join to learn from real-life experiences.​

Founders Room

Debut Sessions​

Let GFF be your debut event on stage. New Founders who are yet to find their Niche in the community, be part of the Wave Approach us to be part of this segment. Discover yourself!


Smaller Roundtables on Issues that Founders face during their journey to be a unicorn. The Ups and downs that a founder faces and it is so lonely at the top. Interact with Founders who have done it all successfully​.


Stories of Success, Failures, Resilience, conviction, hard work, dedication & patience.​


Debate with your peers on your products, technology, and common issues. This is all for you. Meet and Discover people who can help you In your journey to scale up.​

Discussion Stage

Hard Talk

Policy, Regulations, Work Ethics Fair Practices, Cyber security, Data protection, Data Sharing, Privacy, AML, and KYC are all words with deep meaning.

​This is your interface with all these tough words. Calling Founders to ask your team to join in and understand the deeper meaning behind these words and how they affect your daily life and product development​

Technology Session​

Nothing is changing faster than technology, These sessions are for your Engineers, and Dev Ops to have an interface with the latest in Technology to understand and create wonders back in the office. Right from the mouths of the creators of these technologies un​


Unveil your beta products here, and get first-hand feedback from audiences (your best critics). GFF will facilitate your products in a Spotlight at the centage of the largest Fintech Expo ever. Do not miss the opportunity. Country Sessions on the spotlight to develop the ecosystem​

Start-up Room


This is an effort by GFF to engage with Students and developers to show their skills, and solve genuine problems from corporates. Multiple Hackathons will ensure participation from hundreds of young future founders to test their skills of creative thinking​.

Boot Camps​

No better way to catch them young. Boot camps at HEI would help create a buzz about entrepreneurship. Calling academic institutions to join GFF to be part of GFF Bootcamps​.

Idea to POC​

Platform to unveil support to startups from States, Governments, and countries. These programs will be representative of the resolve that governments have in the development of ecosystems.​


Investment Pitches Make your pitch at the startup room, Interface with VCs, Angels, and corporates. Pitch and funded or acquired.​

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