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The Indian fintech market is the global cynosure today, with the sector projected to grow at 31% CAGR over 2021-25 to reach an estimated $1.3 Bn market opportunity by 2025. Much of this is driven by indigenous Indian Fintech start-ups that raised a record $8 Bn in 2021 across 280 funding deals, accounting for 68% of total funding raised by start-ups in the year.

While the prowess of Indian fintech entrepreneurs is well recognised, what is often overlooked is the strong presence of the Indian diaspora in the global fintech sector. Indian professionals engaged in various capacities with different global financial service providers are driving the global fintech revolution as we witness it today.

The Fintech Diaspora Connect seeks to recognize and celebrate the Indian diaspora across the world, who are shaping and driving the innovations in the field of fintech at a global scale.

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