Pre-Event Activities

To evoke curiosity and build excitement in the run up to the event, GFF 2021 and its
partners have scheduled a series of podcasts which will deep dive into the realm of
FinTech. The podcast will have partners from across the world, who will discuss the various
FinTech opportunities in various geographies and the future of FinTech in a global setting.

Fintech Diaries
India FinTech Diaries

India FinTech Diaries is a bi-weekly podcast that peeks at the fast, and exciting world of FinTech’s in India. It’s the only podcast that focuses exclusively on the Indian FinTech sector. The world’s most populous democracy is at the cusp of massive technological and demographic change that will forever change the way we relate to financial services and their providers. In each episode, the hosts Hemant Kshirsagar and Elroy Serrao, demystify the world of FinTech for listeners by exploring ideas, innovations, startups and the personalities that are shaping India’s FinTech Landscape.


T-Hub leads India’s pioneering innovative ecosystem that powers next-generation products and new business models. T-Hub will discuss various FinTech innovations that are currently taking place around the world and how start-up in the FinTech space can leverage their offerings and scale themselves. What does it take to achieve such a feat? T-Hub and its guests will discuss this further in our podcast series.

T hub
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Pre-Event Activities List