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Innovate Fintech Solutions

The Global Fintech Fest Hackathon aims to unite creative minds with industry leaders! Students, developers, and anyone with out-of-the box innovative ideas are invited to design and build groundbreaking solutions that will help shape the future of fintech. Industry leaders will present before ideating innovators relevant challenges and the ask before them will be to offer solutions to those. Huge rewards are waiting for those who succeed.
This is a call to participate in this vibrant conference by hosting Hackathons to address any fintech challenge. Collaborate with us to curate the Hackathons based on your specific financial themes. GFF will manage the entire logistics of the Hackathons and we will shortlist the best applications and organize pitch-sessions with your leadership.

If you are keen on GFF 2024 by hosting Hackathons,  please share your interest by a simple click. Our Hackathon Team will take you through the next steps.

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